Understand the best way to find out your measurements by using our comprehensive guide line.

How can you be sure you find the perfect fit?

If you find yourself between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size for a snug fit if you prefer tighter lingerie. However, if you prioritize comfort, opt for the larger size. The key is not the number, but how you feel, and we want you to feel beautiful! Here's how to take your measurements at home to find the perfect shapewear size using our fit guides. All you need is a tape measure and something to record your measurements, like a pen and paper or your phone. Let's get started!


How to Measure YourWaist

Without any clothes on. wrap a measuring tape around your midsection, There are two ways to find your waist; The fleshy part between your ribs and hips will be at navel level or just above. Lean to the side with your hands on your hips. Your waist is that spot on your side that folds inwards.


How to Measure YourBra Size

Ideally done without a bra on. wrap the measuring tape around your torso to the fullest part of your breasts - make sure the tape is covering your nipple area.