How To Get Your Measurement

How can you be sure you find the perfect fit?

If your size is between two different sizes, we suggest that if you like lingerie that is tighter to your body, choose the smaller size. But if you opt for more comfort, choose the larger number! The important thing is not the numbers, but how you will feel, and we want you to feel beautiful! Here's how to get the perfect measurements at home, so that you can find the right size of shapewear using our fit guides. All you need is a tape measure and a pen and paper (or your phone) to record your measurements. Let's get started!

Abdominal Belt

Our shaper have a high- compression level. This means they'll shape and sculpt your legs, thighs, and mid-section, which will help create a smooth look.

Modeling Belt

Consult the fit guide to see which size suits you best. For products with high compression, we also recommend larger sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.


The beloved shapewear is an essential item in the closet for all occasions. To get the right fit, see our fit guide.